A New Standard

Through our passion for everyday style, HOPE’s mission is to create clothes that highlight and celebrate each wearer’s unique personality. In September 2016, we released CHANGES a unisex capsule collection to celebrate the new outlooks on identity and the new outlooks on gender fluidity. Over and over again, we hear stories from customers who shop across the conventional gender departments — women who love the fit of a men’s trouser or men who wear knits from the women’s collection. We think there’s something incredibly liberating about that and that it’s something that should be encouraged and celebrated. These people represent the individuality and confidence we love to see and support.

The New Sizing System
To celebrate these individuals, we’re introducing a new sizing system and will from spring/summer 2017 label all our garments with both women’s and men’s sizes. After all, there’s no reason why anyone should feel limited by the conventions of women’s and menswear.

This new sizing system adheres to general European sizes and makes it easier for everyone to try on something new. It’s a small step, but we hope it pushes the development towards a less gender-normative way of seeing fashion.

How it works
Depending on which gender the pattern is made for, the original size is marked on the far left and the converted size to the right. A women’s garment will for example show size 36 (left) and then the converted men’s size 46 (right).

So, why do we keep presenting separate men’s and women’s collections?
Because we like diversity and are not against genders. Male and female bodies are often different and in some cases require different cutting techniques. With this initiative, we want to offer more freedom of choice and to make it easier to shop across departments.

View our new Size Guide here.

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