Coats and Jackets

Water-repellent and warm or lightweight wool or cotton, discover a selection of oversized coats and workwear jackets.


Product type

  • Mid-Length Padded Coat

    Black Tech

    Regular price 3500 SEK Sale price 2100 SEK
  • Quilted Liner Jacket

    Dk Olive Quilt

    Regular price 2800 SEK Sale price 1680 SEK
  • Padded Wool Coat

    Black Padded Wool

    Regular price 4800 SEK Sale price 2880 SEK
  • Relaxed Double Breasted Coat

    Black Soft Wool

    4700 SEK
  • Regular Fit Workwear Jacket

    Black Leather

    Regular price 4900 SEK Sale price 2940 SEK