A New Standard

There is no reason for why clothes should be ruled by gender. At HOPE, we want to encourage everyone to explore our complete range, without being locked to old conventions. Since 2017, we are therefore marking all clothing with both men’s and women’s sizes. We want you to feel free enough to try on whatever you like, no matter your gender. The double size labelling is a way to guide you through this process. Placing style first and gender second.

We want to encourage everyone to explore our complete range of clothes and at the same time make fashion less gender-normative. We have also discovered that quite a few of our customers already shop and dress in this way – women buy outerwear from the men’s collection and men buy trousers from the women’s collection as a way to find a different silhouette.

While we still make one women's collection that is based on women’s sizes and one men’s collection that is based on men’s sizes, all clothes are designed in the same studio and based on the same seasonal inspiration. Women’s and men’s bodies are different from each other and therefore the clothes sometimes require different cutting techniques.

Please note that the sizes of our garments have not been changed – the sizes are still based on the same European sizing system. It is simply the way of marking our clothes that has been updated.

Depending on if it’s a garment from the women’s collection or men’s collection, the original size is marked on the far left and the respective converted size on the right. A garment from the men’s collection has the men’s size marked on the left and women’s size marked on the right. Garments from the women’s collection are marked in the opposite way with women’s sizing on the left and men’s sizing on the right.

For example:
A size 38 blazer from the women’s collection is also marked with men’s size 46.
A size 44 coat from the men’s collection is also marked with women’s size 36.

The double labelling should be used as a guide to finding your correct size. However, please also take note of silhouette and fit of each garment. Sometimes you may be in-between two sizes and depending on if the garment is based on a tight or oversized fit, you should perhaps move up or down a size.

You can find more information about how to use the double size system here

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service Team via onlineinfo@hopestockholm.com

HOPE - A New Standard 

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