Eva Lange: A Tribute to Generations of Creativity

Artists Eva Lange, Humlan Lange and Inez Jönsson are grandmother, mother and daughter sharing an atelier in Hagaparken, Stockholm. Working alongside each other, in different disciplines with different materials and expressions, their work aligns on a strong foundation of love.

In her art, Eva Lange explores expressions on the verge between the abstract and the organic with sculptures that no matter what size, demands something from the room. Her artistry is characterized by longing, lust and stubbornness.

How would you describe your daughter and granddaughter?

Strong, sensitive, kind, determined, funny, wise and just wonderful.

How do you influence each other’s work?

With critical attention and understanding.

What does fashion mean to you?

I enjoy fashion materialized on others. What I need myself, is calm clothes that give me confidence.

What part does clothes play in your work?

Good work clothes are clothes that you just put on and pull off without thinking much about it, but they can’t be ugly.

What’s your relationship to materials?

In the same way as words describe your thoughts, the material makes your intention visible. 

Eva Lange is wearing Over Shirt in the colour off white check.


HOPE - Eva Lange 

HOPE - Eva Lange 

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