Election Campaign – We Believe in Diversity

At HOPE, we believe in the strength of diversity. We were therefore proud to introduce our image series in connection to the Swedish election of 2018, portraying the incredible diversity of Sweden. With it, we wanted to show the diversity of Sweden while at the same time encourage people to vote in the election.

All of the images were taken at our office during an open photo shoot - anyone who wanted to join in could pass by our office during one day and have their portrait taken.

For us, it’s important to use our platforms to bring light to the values we believe in. We want to work for a Sweden (and world) built on openness and equality and hope that these images both will start a dialogue about the strength of diversity and encourage people to use their voice(s) and vote for humanity.

Let’s always – regardless if there’s an election or not coming up - work together for a future of openness, equality and democracy.

#hopechanges #makesomenoise #votefordiversity

Love, Team HOPE

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