Inez Jönsson: A Tribute to Generations of Creativity

Artists Eva Lange, Humlan Lange and Inez Jönsson are grandmother, mother and daughter sharing an atelier in Hagaparken, Stockholm. Working alongside each other, in different disciplines with different materials and expressions, their work aligns on a strong foundation of love.

Inez Jönsson is Humlan’s daughter and Eva’s granddaughter. She uses everyday materials like wood and fabric in her work which she describes quiet, precise but not perfect and somewhere between painting and object.

How would you describe your mother and grandmother?

They’re two kooky, loving women with dripping noses. They’re the best!

How do you influence each other’s work? 

I have their work in me by nature. It was them who first defined to me what art is and what it means to work as an artist. Over the years I’ve found my own ways of being and working. Sometimes it’s been tough, and I’ve been sad but then they’ve comforted and supported me. 

What does fashion mean to you? 

Shirts are my favourite garments to wear, and I wear it almost every day. I like big men’s shirts in cotton the best. 

What part does clothes play in your work? 

I think clothes are fun, but I’ve noticed that I become more and more practical. When I go back and forth between studio and home, I wear comfortable clothes suited for the weather.

How do you relate to materials?

In my work the material fulfills both its practical function and is often the motif itself. I use materials that I find in my surroundings like pinewood, flax and cotton. Last summer I wanted to dye a jute cloth black and found out that it can be done with oak bark and iron sulfate. I picked bark and acorns from the ground outside my studio and boiled it. It smelled like forest and I made weaves that turned out real medieval. I’m trying to use only organic materials in my work and the same goes for clothes as I want them to be comfortable. 

Inez Jönsson is wearing Air Clean Shirt in the colour light blue.


HOPE - Inez Jönsson  

HOPE - Inez Jönsson  

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