We’re re-opening our shop at Odengatan as HOPE Reclaim

Our clothes are made to be worn for years with quality and style that last. However – we know that things change. Your style might change. Your body too. But something you’ve once loved might bring someone else the same joy in the future.

We want to prolong the lives of all HOPE garments. At our new store concept Reclaim (Odengatan 70 in Stockholm), we therefore sell old HOPE garments as second hand. Drop off the clothes you no longer wear, regardless of season or condition, in one of the following shops:
Odengatan, Smålandsgatan and Götgatan in Stockholm
Korsgatan in Göteborg

We will sell your clothes as second hand and also make sure that the pieces that can’t be sold are recycled properly. As thank you, you will get 15% off on your next purchase at HOPE.

Ask our team to learn more and thank you for helping out!
If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at onlineinfo@hopestockholm.com


What is Reclaim?

HOPE Reclaim is our new concept combining pieces from older collections, samples and carry-overs. We’re also offering repairs and second hand, accepting previously sold HOPE garments for reselling or recycling.

Why are you doing this?

HOPE Reclaim is a part of our long-term sustainability efforts; a way to work more circular with our products. From a sustainable perspective, the best thing we can do is to give produced garments a longer life. Therefore we want to encourage you to resell the items you no longer use – and we love it when customers come into our stores to purchase something second hand. The voucher system is a way for us to say thanks for helping out and go for ‘one in, one out’ rather than only buying something new and more.

How does the second hand part work?

Bring your old HOPE garments to our shop at Odengatan 70, where our staff will help you out. They will go through the garments together with you and the ones that won’t be resold as second hand, will be recycled properly. As a thank you for turning in your old clothes, you’ll receive a voucher giving you a 15% discount on the next HOPE garment you buy.

Do I get a voucher for all kinds of garments no matter what condition they’re in?


Can I use the voucher in all HOPE shops?

The voucher works at all of our shops except online.

How does the voucher work?

You’ll get one voucher for one product. This voucher gives you a 15% discount when you buy one new garment at HOPE. The voucher expires after three months and can’t be combined with other offers or sales.

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