As the golden sunsets of summer gently surrender to the crisp embrace of autumn, the inspiration is found in the bittersweet beauty of this transition. Pre-Autumn 2024 pays homage to the fleeting moments we cherish and the timeless Japanese art of Kintsugi, where broken pieces are meticulously mended, elevating their value and creating a new story. It’s a season of transformation, where the past becomes a part of the future.

Silk fabrics take center stage this season, adorned with reversed seams that traverse their surface. This unexpected twist in craftsmanship adds depth and intrigue to the pieces, inviting you to embrace the beauty of imperfection. These intricate details are also seen on knits and jersey, offering a unique tactile experience. The delicate and sentimental value of a necklace is captured in a print that adorns selected pieces, reminiscent of the treasured jewelry passed down through generations. Another print takes inspiration from the timeless elegance of porcelain, invoking a sense of refinement and nostalgia.

The psychedelic aspect of utopia has inspired the idea of twisting generic garments, subverting expectations and playing with the tension between the familiar and the uncanny. It’s a collection that is as brutal as it is high-on-life emotions.

Denims this season features smoky effects and a touch of rugged charm, they exude a gritty, grungy vibe. The beauty of imperfection with the denim pieces, lets every fray and crease tell a story of resilience and individuality. Taking inspiration from the iconic Pre Spring 2024 handbag, it’s been reimagined it into a spacious yet stylish accessory that allows you to carry everything you need. It’s a statement piece that combines form and function effortlessly. To complete the look the sentimental print inspired by a treasured necklace and the porcelain print has been used on scarves making them a statement without saying a word. Pre-Autumn 2024 is a celebration of transition. This season we treasure the moments and embrace the broken pieces that makes us whole.